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WD Telecom Ltd presents feature-rich VoIP Reseller Services for businesses who would like to become mainstream VoIP Provider without making huge investments in backbone operations, infrastructure, development and research. Any business entity, whether Internet Service Providers, Call Shop owners or Computer Networking Specialists, with existing client-relationships in the captive audience for VoIP services can join hands with WD Telecom Ltd and start reaping the benefits of selling VoIP-enabled services

As a WD Telecom Ltd Reseller, you will have access to our vast experience and solutions portfolio, enabling you to deliver highly functional, robust and cost-effective solutions.
Whether you are a product reseller or a solution specialist, you can enjoy the following sales benefits

Reseller Features:

  1. Wholesale Agents purchase voice traffic from WD Telecom Ltd at wholesale rates.
  2. No investment required on soft switches and hardware.
  3. Excellent voice quality.
  4. No sign up or monthly fees.
  5. Sell services under your own brand.
  6. Completely customizable business management platform is provided to the wholesale agents. With that platform wholesale agents can set their own rates for their customers.
  7. Create different rate plans with different billing increment (rounding to seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute etc.)
  8. You can have access to a web based control panel which has a complete set of customer management tools.
  9. Manages your clients and their credit limits.

Competitive Product & Service Pricing

As a WD Telecom Ltd Reseller, we enable you to buy products and services at very competitive prices to sell to your own customer base. Benefit from special discounts and unique promotional offers.

Exclusive Promotions

As a WD Telecom Ltd Reseller, you are offered exclusive promotions designed to help you profit by selling more of our products and services. We will give you advanced notification on WD Telecom Ltd product offerings, new technologies, price changes, exclusive promotions and upcoming events to keep you up-to-date.

Interoperability of Products & Services

As an experienced market leader in voice over IP solutions, WD Telecom Ltd is competent in open standards and best practices with a comprehensive knowledge of IETF functionality. All WD Telecom Ltd products have been tested by our own technical team for compatibility before incorporating them into our product range.

Sales Lead Referrals

We will direct new opportunities and leads generated through our extensive marketing program to you to enable you to be the first to take advantage of new opportunities.

Online Resources

Resellers have direct access to online eSupport resources knowledge and training which include a complete range of sales tools and marketing materials such as data sheets, FAQs, technical support data and software updates to deal with pre and post sales support more effectively.

Enhance your portfolio with WD Telecom Ltd

Our Resellers can associate their business with some of the leading brands in IP Telephony which gives you credibility with end customers. Resellers can increase the value of their products and services to their customers by leveraging WD Telecom Ltd branding

Dedicated Account Management

We are committed to making your business a success. So we provide each client with a dedicated Account Manager who works with you to understand your business objectives and strategies and assist you with achieving your revenue goals.

Your Account Manager will assist you by providing

· Comprehensive information on our products and services
· Assistance with new sales opportunities
· Regular review of progress
· Monitoring of the market to help you benefit you

Email & Telephone Support

WD Telecom Ltd will provide both email and telephone support to Resellers to assist with any questions or problems you may have.

A flexible partnership

We believe in jointly pursuing opportunities. As a WD Telecom Ltd Reseller, you can enjoy the benefits of a true partnership and share in the pride and rewards of our mutual accomplishments.

Key Benefits

  1. High-quality Prepaid Calling Card, Pc2phone, Callback, Café, Callshop solutions.
  2. We provide free Voip software for our Reseller
  3. Start your own Voip business with your own brand in nominal deposit
  4. Set your own calling rates, increment, fees etc.
  5. We will provide you A-Z Termination service in wholesale rates.
  6. You no need to worry about technical issues, our NOC will work 24x7 with you
  7. Powerful, automated and adaptive Best Value Routing
  8. 24x7 oversight of our Tier-1 network operations and Customer support
  9. Performance in near-real time, submit tickets

Online account access like, call details, update account information, online recharge & much more.



Business Packages

  • VoipSwitch Rental Solutions
  • Hosted Windows Server Solutions
  • Hosted Linux Server Solutions
  • Customized End User CDR Solution
  • Customized Reseller Control
  • Relax to operate VoipSwitch
  • Customised PC2Phone Dialer
  • Callback Platform SMS/ANI/PIN
  • Calling cards by Interactive Voice Response (IP IVR)
  • Mobile VoIP – Symbian softphone
  • VOS3000™ VoIP Operation Support System
  • Mobile VoIP – Google Android softphone
  • Billing and provisioning
  • Softswitch Class 5
  • VoipSwitch Overview

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