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GlobalC3000 Card Service Platform is designed for providing a high-performance,
high-capacity card business system for Global PSTN card operators by Kunshi
Network Technology Co., Ltd. System uses full IP solution without dedicated
hardware investment.In the standard server, you can build 10 millions PSTN card
business.And it uses the voice and DTMF separation technology with the high-
performance VoIP operation platform VOS3000™, so it can support thousands of
concurrent calls. It proves to be a cost-effective operation platform for Global
PSTN card operators.

System Performance

Maximum number of PSTN Card: 10,000,000
Activate account number: 100,000
The number of calls at the same time:>= 8,000 (forward signaling)
Media forwarding capacity of one server:>= 2000 (100Mbps bandwidth limit)
The number of IVR access at the same time: 2,000
Call processing per second:>= 500CPS
Protocol : SIP, H323, HTTP, TCP / UDP, etc.

System Features

* For VoIP operators
* Routing by ASR,LCR(least cost route)
* High reliability: standardized carrier-class operating platform
* High integration, high processing capability
* System can be run on single server or distributed deployment
* Single server real-time billing system processing capacity up to 1,800,000
* DTMF voice separation technology to save bandwidth of IVR
* Flexible business properties
* Support both Callback and Direct call
* Defined the access number of callback and direct call
* Callback, Web callback and other callback mode
* Global harmonization of account settlement,currency exchange rates throughout
the prepaid card converted and result automatically
* Multi-language access tips
* Multi-language web self-adaptive query system
* Good interoperability
* Support SIP, H323 and protocol conversion
* Can work well with the trunking gateways or NGN platform interoperability of
Cisco、Huawei、AudioCodes and so on.


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