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IP Phone

WD Telecom Ltd is a global VoIP provider offering international communication services to customers from around the world. Utilizing the latest VoIP technology we deliver top quality services and allow clients to leverage by providing the global infrastructure that enables them to expand to international markets quickly and efficiently.

WD Telecom Ltd provides complete IP phone solutions, if you are planning to start your own IP phone business then WD Telecom Ltd is right place for you. WD Telecom Ltd is one stop VOIP business solutions provider for calling card provider, Pc2phone, Callback, Callshop, IP phone and wholesale A-Z voice terminations providers. We provide free reseller module so you can start your own VOIP business right away with nominal prepay deposit for A-Z call terminations.

WD Telecom Ltd also provides A-Z International and domestic voice call terminations service to our reseller and wholesaler and offer very good rates, so you can provide IP phone unlimited calling services to your customers like Vonage, packet8 etc.

IP Phone Diagram

You can offer IP Phone service to your customers through Linksys phone adapter model number : SPA2102 with features like as below :
Unlimited calls to US , Canada & some other countries

Local Phone Number

Great International Rates

Online Account Management
Change your plan; manage your features and more!

Receive and Manage Voice Messages by Phone, Web, and Email.

Three-Way Calling
Conference calls are as easy as 1-2-3.

Speed Dial
Cut your phone number down to single digit dialing.

Call Forwarding
Wherever you go, your calls follow...

Simultaneous Ring
One phone number for all your phones - calls reach you anywhere, every time.

Call Waiting
Don't miss an incoming call - even if you're already on the phone!

Caller ID with Name
Shows the number and name of the caller. Know who's calling, before you pick up the phone!

Call Return (*69)
Missed a call? Dial *69 and quickly call them back!

Caller ID Block (*67)
When privacy is in order...

Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR)
Say goodbye to blocked "Anonymous" numbers!

Do Not Disturb (*78)
Forward your calls to voicemail, without the ring!

Last Number Redial
Call the last number you dialed & much more..

Key Benefits

* Single platform IP Phone, Prepaid Calling Card, Pc2phone, Callback, Café, Callshop solutions.
* We provide free VOIP software for our Reseller
* Online customer billing panel
* Customized web panel for creating and easily managing user accounts
* Start your own Voip business with your own brand in nominal deposit
* Set your own calling rates, increment, fees etc.
* We will provide you A-Z Termination service in wholesale rates.
* You no need to worry about technical issues, our NOC will work 24x7 with you
* Powerful, automated and adaptive Best Value Routing
* 24x7 oversight of our Tier-1 network operations and Customer support
* Performance in near-real time, submit tickets



Operating Systems

  • Windows 2003 Web Edition
  • Windows 2003 Stdandard Edition
  • Windows 2003 Premium Edition
  • FreeBSD 4.10
  • RedHat Fedora (Linux)
  • CentOS (Linux)
  • Debain (Linux)

Business Packages

  • VoipSwitch Rental Solutions
  • Hosted Windows Server Solutions
  • Hosted Linux Server Solutions
  • Customized End User CDR Solution
  • Customized Reseller Control
  • Relax to operate VoipSwitch
  • Customised PC2Phone Dialer
  • Callback Platform SMS/ANI/PIN
  • Calling cards by Interactive Voice Response (IP IVR)
  • Mobile VoIP – Symbian softphone
  • VOS3000™ VoIP Operation Support System
  • Mobile VoIP – Google Android softphone
  • Billing and provisioning
  • Softswitch Class 5
  • VoipSwitch Overview

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