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Whole Sale Services

Whole Sale Services

WD Telecom is an international voip carrier for voice traffic with over 400 voip interconnects across the world, and specializing in Asian and other developing countries. WD Telecom boast portfolio of niche voip destinations with strong voip relationships that enable us to get the best quality voip route for you at very competitive voip rates. Our voip services are available to both voip wholesale and voip retail carriers across the world.

We carry over a billion voip minutes monthly through our fully redundant voip wholesale carrier network, based on Porta One & Nextone voip platform, offering robust voip quality and unmatched ASR.
Our wholesale Voip carrier network offers you scalability in terms of capacity and voip destinations. Wholesale voip services offered by WD Telecom equally suits voip carriers seeking multiple DS3 capacity as well as smaller voip carriers seeking a reliable A - Z voip wholesale routing partner.

As a Wholesale voip operator, voip Telecom Services Network maintains long term commitments with leading voip long distance and mobile operators across the world, this ensures best in class voip connectivity to peered voip partners. Currently we have around 400 voip carrier interconnects through more than many different voip carrier neutral points of presence, we manage our voip network in the most efficient way so as to maintain highest voip quality of services for our peered voip partners, this is justified by absolute number of long distance voip operators who route their organic egress traffic through us.

Featured by:

  • Unsurpassed Managed voip Service Monitoring
  • Highest Possible voip Network Uptime
  • Proactive Round the Clock voip Support
  • Multiple voip Carrier Peering for Highest Circuit Availability
  • Burstable Capacity to Accommodate Busy Hour voip Call Traffic
  • Zero Circuit Provisioning Costs
  • Minimum Start Up prepayment top up options for new voip customers

To get more insight about our voip services,Please contact our sales team         by Email / IM: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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