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Itel Switch Plus


iTel Switch Plus is a carrier grade softswitch with integrated billing solution and Interactive Voice response (IVR) system. This has been designed to suit VoIP service providers with retail and wholesale operations, irrespective of their scale of business. With multi-level reseller support, easy end user interface, integrated billing, Class 4 & 5 softswitch features, supporting multi modal origination devices and termination options, reporting and monitoring tools, enhanced multi tier security architecture, this is the ideal platform for all ITSP's who want to service retail consumers for their VoIP needs.

Based on REVE's proprietary technology, iTel Switch Plus can be used in a single server platform as well in distributed architecture. It's scalable and redundant deployment architecture makes it suitable for large IP carriers, who want a fail proof system in today's competitive and service oriented market. iTel Switch Plus platform has been designed to meet the highest needs of carriers with multiple termination routes and has enough versatility to be used for traffic origination across calling card, call shop, IP devices, PC softphones(also called PC2Phone), DID's and mobile VoIP applications.

Unique features, which sets iTel Switch Plus apart from other products available in the industry:

Multi Layered, Secured Access Control

iTel Switch Plus ver 2.0 is powered with two levels of protection- primary and secondary. The primary protection is an IP and Password based authentication that restricts any kind of unauthorized IP access. On the other hand the secondary protection prevents unauthorized use of PIN as it comes with IMEI based authentication. iTel Switch Plus ver 2.0 has secured routing through Multi Parameter Routing Systems as well as the routing can be done based on Prefix or IP or combination of both.



» Robust and Scalable Platform » Mobile Top-up feature enables end users to top up his account through billing interface
» Supports Pre-paid and Post paid billing » Secured billing interface
» Codec conversion with the help of iTel codec converter » Disconnect cause report
» Supports multiple authentication modes » Flexible rate change feature
» Suppression and Comfort Noise Technology » Supports all modes of VoIP business: calling card, call shop and whole sale.
» Can detect hang call » Advanced routing features
» Real time monitoring system » Advanced routing features
» Redundant architecture with failover option » Clients can set their own caller ID
» Working permission for different levels of employees / management members without compromising security of system » Private label branding option for customers
» Payment/Recharge reports generation » Itemized bill generation

» Flexible pin generation module


iTel Switch Plus 2.0 is the fastest softswitch in the world and allows instant connectivity on VoIP calls. This helps you to offer better call quality to your end users, which can potentially increase your calling minutes phenomenally, thereby helping you to get ahead of your competition.



iTel Switch Plus 2.0 supports callback service. With this feature, service providers can now offer callback or calling card service to their end customers. Presently, the softswitch supports ANI callback and in due course, SMS call back and other callback services will be added.



Generally, most softswitches allows two or three levels of reseller's creation. iTel Switch Plus on the other hand, gives you the flexibility to create 'N' level of resellers at any level. Being a softswitch owner, you can also assign them different roles and rights as per requirement. So any reseller can create unlimited levels of resellers under him.



Unlike ordinary softswitches in the market, iTel Switch Plus allows you to use single PIN for all call origination devices. You can use same PIN for recharge, mobile top-up or even for voice calls. Now one doesn't need to go through the tension of keeping different PINs for different devices.



In association with iTel Byte Saver (REVE's proprietary technology) iTel Switch Plus can work behind NAT (Network Address Translation) or private IP. So VoIP service providers now can make sure that their service is available in blocked or firewalled networks.




With iTel Switch Plus ver 2.0, now you can ensure that your softswitch account balance never turns negative. NGN is a next generation billing feature that intelligently prevents user account balance from going negative. This feature is specially developed in order to prevent the losses incurred by many resellers. In ordinary softswitches, when the main account balance is finished but the call traffic is still live, it causes negative balance on softswitch. iTel Switch Plus intelligently monitors all running calls and when account balance is extremely low, it checks and allows a call only if there is enough balance to continue the call.



iTel Switch Plus allows service providers to handle Pin-to-pin incoming calls and also facilitates peer-to-peer calling among resellers.




iTel Switch Plus supports IVR (interactive Voice Response) in multiple languages. Presently, available languages are: English, Bangla.




Mobile top up on iTel Switch Plus is enabling m-commerce on IP Networks and is first of its kind initiative in the VoIP industry.Mobile top-up (or MTU) on iTel Switch Plus enables you with international mobile top-up facility. Being a service provider, now you can recharge any mobile number from any location using same pin which you use for other call origination devices (PC2Phone, Mobile Dialer, Callback Dialer etc). Know more about MTU.


Bringing the Power of mCommerce to IP Networks

  • Now recharge any mobile from any location using same PIN-only on iTel Switch Plus
  • Enable your customers with ability to gift mobile top-up anywhere in the world

What is Mobile Top-up

Mobile Top-up (or MTU) is a feature that enables you with international mobile top-up facility. Now you can recharge any mobile number from any location using same pin which you use for other call origination devices (PC2Phone, Mobile Dialer, Callback Dialer etc.). This feature is available on iTel Switch Plus ver 2.0

Recharge any mobile from any location using same pin- There are multiple softswitches available in the industry offering mobile top-up, but the pain point is that you are required to use multiple PINs to perform multiple tasks for example- one pin for mobile top-up another for mobile dialer recharge and cases as such. MTU on iTel Switch Plus allows you to recharge any mobile phone from anywhere, using same pin.

Enable your customers with ability to gift mobile top-up anywhere in the world -With enhanced iTel Switch Plus, now you can offer your end customers 'mobile recharge gifting facility- a unique service which enable mobile users to gift mobile top-up to their beloved ones'.

How to recharge a mobile number using MTU

It's as easy as a mouse click on your computer. However, you may want to have a look on following steps of MTU.

Step1- Log-on to your iTel Switch Plus control panel using your unique ID and password. Notice 'Mobile Top Up' section on left navigation of your switch panel. Please click on 'request a top-up' and then 'Top up' link available under 'Mobile Top up'.

Mobile Top Up>Request a Top up> Top Up

Step2- You'll be taken to 'Add Top Up' page, as shown in the picture. Mobile Top up page has few text fields such as 'originator', 'top up country', 'mobile number', 'top up amount', 'account cost' and 'confirmation number'. Please fill-in required areas and click on 'submit' button. If you make a mistake, you may click on 'reset' button to clear filled content.


Once you click on submit button, it gives a pop-up alert saying "total <amt> USD will be deducted from your account for this recharge. Do you agree?" (shown in the picture) please click on OK to proceed further.


Once the mobile top up is done, you and the recipient of the mobile top-up will receive a confirmation SMS.

How does it work

Mobile top up on iTel Switch Plus is enabling m-commerce on IP Networks and is first of its kind initiative in the VoIP industry. On the backend, mobile VoIP service providers, who are using iTel Switch Plus, can now offer mobile top up to their end customers. To offer mobile top-up, the VoIP service providers must have tie up with mobile recharge service providers.

Benefits for the Service Provider:

The VoIP Service providers can offer their customers quick and easy recharge services for all mobile operators in the world. It is a source of additional revenue for them. However, for some VoIP service providers, it can also be the main revenue stream. iTel Switch Plus allows VoIP service providers to offer 'mobile top-up' to their customers as a gifting facility. Mobile to-up on iTel Switch Plus is certainly a way to capture additional business for VoIP service providers.

Benefits for the end users:

The end users get the ease to recharge a mobile number of any mobile operator in the world with the same pin which they use for VoIP calling. End users can use this service as a gifting facility, whereby small amount in form of mobile top up, can be gifted (micro-gifting) to friends, family and people etc.


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