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WD TEL: PHP Billing Modules

  • Administrators (VSC)
  • Resellers (VSR)
  • Resellers Mobile (MVSR)
  • Client Portal (PORTAL)
  • Mobile Portal (MP)
  • Callshop (CALLSHOP)
  • Accounting
  • Private Brand
  • Access Control List
Netway Secure VOIP PHP Billing

WD Telecom Ltd (A Secure billing application) is introducing to you what can make your VoIPSwitch hack free and effortless. This billing software based on VoIPSwitch with the functionality of managing users to administrator level, including routing and active call management, reporting & much more. VoIPSwitch (developed by VoIPswitch company) is a telephony server application that runs on Windows operating system and server-grade hardware. The existing web applications having similar functionality contains security holes. Due to security issues with the current market applications, WD Telecom Ltd Introduced a new interface (Developed using furinaPHP) which is hack free, compatible and faster.

The advantage of this application is
  • Hack free Administrators and resellers interface
  • Run under Apache which is secure
  • Faster Reports
  • Memory caching enabled
  • Mobile Interface (All Modules)
  • Customization on Demand
  • Customs themes
  • Private labeling service

Having all functionality of a VOIPSwitch Server System, WD Telecom Ltd was designed with all customers in mind. Often opportunities are missed due to some technical capability missing from a users switch. By using our system the customer will no longer face the hackers. Experts in WD Telecom Ltd team have analyzed the system alone with all virtual barriers that can arise and has included in the functionality. Virtually any type of VOIP organizations possibility can be handled. This is the interface of the future but it is here and available now.

Make your switch secure and keep your risk free & happy using WD Telecom Ltd interface.

WD Telecom Ltd Billing contains several Modules

Admin Module (VSC):

In Admin Module, User can be added, edited. Tariff and dialing plan also can be added and edited. Gateway termination, view users calls history and failed calls history. Admin can add and edit details of resellers, call monitoring, view details report of users, PIN and Account generation and payment status of users.

Reseller Module (VSR):

Reseller Module has 3-levels reseller management. It can add, edit and view reseller information. Add and edit tariff on particular reseller level. Generate report on Payment of users and other resellers

Mobile Reseller Module (MVSR):

Mobile Reseller Module has 3-levels reseller management. It can add, edit and view reseller information. Add and edit client data on particular reseller level.

Portal Module (PORTAL):

Its Similar to User module with extended features. customization is possible.

Callshop Module (CALLSHOP):

Callshop Module Specially designed for the callshop users to manage their client under a callshop.

User Module (USER):

User Module views you details of calls history and payment history.

Routes Module (ROUTES):

Route Module holds some access like, route users for gateway. It shows details list of gateway information and also view call details record (CDR) from gateway.


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